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Countertop Preparation & Maintenance in Lebanon, PA

Visit Preparation

You can make your countertop installation experience as easy as possible by following a few steps in preparation for our visit. Before our installation technicians arrive, please clear the installation area of all personal belongings. Cabinets should be cleared out, and your existing countertops should be completely cleared off.
Also, please make sure our installation technicians have a clear pathway through your home to the installation area. Our installers will protect your home by laying down drop cloths before they begin their work. During installation, expect loud noises, odors and sawdust. Our installers will clean up any mess before they leave to help you enjoy your new countertops without leaving you to deal with the debris. We perform same-day installation of countertops, so you will not be left with an unusable kitchen for more than a day.

Countertop Maintenance

Our installers can offer advice for maintenance and countertop cleaning after installation. You can refer to the manufacturer's specific care instructions, but these are general care instructions to keep in mind.
For a solid-surface countertop, remove residue and dirt with an ammonia-based cleaner or soapy water. Rinse and wipe your countertop dry. You can prevent hard water marks by wiping the surface dry after a spill. Most dried spots can be removed with vinegar. Stubborn stains can be removed with a bleach and water mixture. Avoid using strong acidic cleaning products. Prevent heat damage to your countertop by using trivets under hot objects. Minor scratches can be removed with an abrasive Scotch-Brite pad. Start with the roughest pad side, and work to a finer pad to remove marks.
For quartz countertops, clean with warm water and a soft cotton cloth, or use mild soap. Do not use strong acidic or alkaline cleaning products. Always use a trivet to protect your countertop from hot objects. Avoid using harsh products like bleach and Comet as well as abrasive pads.